Dear Philoptochos Sisters and Friends,

Welcome to the Metropolis of Denver Philoptochos Website where we can communicate and share ideas and information with our 33 chapters spread over 14 states.  We are the largest Metropolis in geographical size with the smallest numbers in population, making communications a challenge.  With our new website, we will be able to develop better lines of communication with all chapters and share projects, membership and fundraising ideas.

I have served on the Metropolis of Denver Philoptochos Board for the past 9 years and on the National Philoptochos Board for the past 7 years.  I am honored to continue my philanthropic work as Denver Metropolis Philoptochos President for the next two years.

One of our goals for this year is to increase membership in our chapters by at least 5%.  On our website you will be able to access information and tips on how to accomplish this…  I would like to encourage all chapters in their endeavors, especially with respect to our National Philoptochos President, Maria Logus’ initiative to “Feed The Hungry” by providing 250,000 meals to those in need.  This averages just 31 meals a month per chapter.  Accomplishing this will make a difference in the lives of many.

We enter the new ecclesiastical year with new beginnings and new opportunities.  I know it will be a productive year with renewed energy to carry on the wonderful works of Philoptochos.

Remember, you, the members of Philoptochos, are the foundation, heart and soul of our organization and your talent, gifts, participation and actions are the sparks that light the flame of love and service for the needy.

Your Sister in Christ,

Barbara Vittas

Metropolis of Denver Philoptochos President

Lenten Message


Dear Philoptochos Sisters in Christ,



The season of Great Lent is the time of preparation for the feast of the Resurrection of Christ.  It is the holiest period of the year and a time of renewed devotion of prayer, fasting and repentance and also of giving.  A renewal of our minds, hearts and deeds in conformity with Christ and his teachings and most of all a time of our return to loving God.


With Great Lent rapidly approaching, we need to take the time to thank our Lord for all that we have accomplished this past year.  The journey of Lent is a journey of personal re-discovery, a time to reflect on our shortcomings and ourselves.


May our journey through Great Lent be filled with faith, hope and love so that our hearts become more fully filled with the infinite joy of the Resurrection of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ on the day of Pascha.


Thank you all for your commitment to Philoptochos and for your continuous support of the Metropolis of Denver’s programs and philanthropic endeavors.  Everything we have achieved could not have been accomplished without your support.



Your Sister in Christ,

Barbara Vittas, President

Metropolis of Denver Philoptochos