Metropolis of Denver Philoptochos Society

The benevolent works of Philoptochos are a continuation of Christ’s ministry on earth, where we can return to God a portion of the time, talents, and resources with which He has gifted us. With the leadership and guidance of Archbishop Demetrios, Philoptochos will continue to transcend the confines of the Greek community by broadening its focus to include issues on an International, National, and Local level.

Philoptochos strives to embody the Christian spirit of fellowship and welcome all that would like to help us promote philanthropy within our local community and nationally. Our goal is to help ALL persons regardless of their identity. We hope and pray with your assistance, that our goal can be achieved.

Philoptochos Programs

• Religious Education Fund
• Youth Endowment Fund
• Mission and Prison Ministries Fund
• Orthodox Christian Fellowship Fund
• Bishop Anthimos Scholarship Fund
• Youth Ministries Fund
• Social Services Fund
• Nativity of St. John the Baptist Women’s Monastery
• Here for You Grief Packets


What is Philoptochos?


Literally, Philoptochos means friend of the poor—not only poor in financial resources but also poor in spirit, poor in health, poor in companionship, poor in emotional stability and poor in whatever is needed to lead a fulfilling life.

Since 1931, when it was established by the late Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I, Philoptochos has been the largest organization of Greek Orthodox women which supports many charities while spiritually enriching its members through their participation in its philanthropic work.

In over 77 years of existence, we can proudly state that Philoptochos is the largest Christian women’s philanthropic organization in the United States. Nationwide it is second only to the Sisterhood of Hadassah, the Jewish women’s charitable group.

Philoptochos functions at the local, diocesan, archdiocesan, metropolitan, national, and international levels and is open to all women over 18 years old who are of the Greek Orthodox faith. It is your right and your privilege to be a member of Philoptochos.



The mission of the Philoptochos Society is to demonstrate God’s love for all people, and to practice the inspiring message of the parable of the Good Samaritan. It is to take the words of Christ when He says, “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required.” (Luke 12:48) And to show concern and generosity to the less fortunate, the infirm, the hungry and the homeless of this world.
His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah
February, 2004